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    EMDR Intensive Therapy

    What will Intensive EMDR Therapy Look Like?

    When you engage in EMDR Intensive Therapy you are will meet for one to two days during a week, and one of those days will typically include a weekend day.

    Sessions are 5 to 6 hours in duration and include breaks and lunch. Herbal tea and water will be available and provided in the office. You are welcome to bring your own lunch and snacks.

    The Benefits of Intensive EMDR

    EMDR as a whole is a powerful modality. Doing intensive EMDR has the potential to improve the quality of your life on a faster time table than meeting once a week.  There is still a place for weekly therapy and EMDR sessions but intensive is more comprehensive and has a significant impact on your healing. Intensive EMDR can literally remove weeks or months off of living with your trauma, anxiety, depression, etc.

    Other benefits of intensive EMDR include, reduced work or family disruption. Some people struggle to consistently meet once a week due to work or family obligations. Taking one or two days is an easier option and ongoing therapeutic maintenance can be spread out over time.

    When you meet for an intensive, you are also reducing the amount of time spent at each session catching up and getting settled, in as well as the time associated with calming exercises done at the close of each session. You are able to really focus in on the specific issues you want to process. So many times, life events or crises take time out of a traditional EMDR session.

    How Does the Process Work?

    First, you and I will meet and complete a traditional intake session. This allows me to obtain a thorough diagnostic and biopsychosocial assessment.  We will focus on the areas that you want to work on for the EMDR Intensive. This might be a single, recent event or events that make up complex trauma. This will help us determine the length of time necessary for you intensive as well as be the start of our EMDR outline.

    At the start of our Intensive we will establish a “calm place” that we can come back to at any time during processing if necessary. It is also a great way to close out sessions.  Next, we will create an outline for your Intensive that will serve as our blueprint going forward.

    At the end of each day, we will review activities that you may choose to engage in that will help reregulate your central nervous system as well as help to integrate what you have processed.

    Post Intensive sessions and follow ups will be discussed before the conclusion of your Intensive EMDR experience.

    Cost, Payment and Cancelations

    EMDR Intensive Cost

    EMDR Intensive Therapy can be for one or two days. If more days are desired or warranted, they are billed at the same flat daily rate of $1.375.00.

    One day is a flat rate of $1,375.00

    Two day is a flat rate of $2,750.00


    A deposit of 50% of the total EMDR Intensive is expected at time of booking. The remainder of payment is due at the time of your EMDR Intensive experience.


    All monies will be refunded if you cancel with at least two weeks notice of your scheduled Intensive.

    If you cancel within one week of your scheduled Intensive, 50% of your deposit will be refunded.

    If you cancel within less than one week of your scheduled Intensive or if you do not show, your deposit will not be refunded.