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    Psychedelic Integration Therapy and Coaching

    Psychedelic Integration Therapy and Coaching utilizing plant medicine takes a wholistic approach based on what the client is comfortable with.  It also means different things to different people. Some people want to learn how to integrate plants into their daily lives to aid with the management of panic attacks, anxiety or depression. Some look to plants and medicines to provide a more spiritual exploration of one’s ego and life experiences. Examples of medicines include everything from green tea, cacao, and lavender, to cannabis, ketamine, psilocybin and other entheogens.

    What is Integration Therapy/Coaching and Why is it Important?

    Psychedelic Integration Therapy/Coaching is like growing a plant. You first consider what plants you want/need to grow. You prepare the environment in which you want to sow your seeds. You nurture and nourish the seeds and the environment. Over time you watch them grow and blossom. Along the way you may need to support them in their growth, so they are successful and strong. This is exactly what you are doing with yourself when you engage in Psychedelic Integration Therapy and Coaching.

    When utilizing plant medicine or psychedelics as a teacher or guide, the messages we receive are not always clear and concrete. We often receive information in the form of metaphors, symbols, visions and unfamiliar feelings or emotions. Sometimes these experiences are unsettling and dysregulating. You may uncover buried traumas or memories. You may also become aware of things that you never recognized before. These are examples of why Integration Coaching is so important. It helps take the pieces you have picked up along the way and incorporate them into your whole.

    A Framework of What to Expect When Choosing to Work with me as your Integration Therapist/Coach:

    A lot of professionally, guided experiences only offer up to two post journey integration experiences. The problem with that is integration is not linear. Things don’t come up in order and on a schedule. Insights may come weeks or months after your journey. Therefore, I do not set a specific number of sessions. You and I work together to tailor what is going to work best for you.


    The following is an example of what your sessions may look like.

    Session #1 – Intake session (60 minutes): This involves completing and reviewing the standard intake paperwork I use for my psychotherapy clients. This includes things like medical history, trauma history, current stressors, etc. This session provides a detailed picture of you that helps me guide you through your process.

    Session #2 – Intention Setting (60 minutes): Providing education and educational resources to assist in a solid foundation for your experience. Setting your intentions and mind set (the “Set” part of Set and Setting). Why now? What are you seeking? What are your expectations?

    Session #3 –  Harm Reduction and Preparation (60 minutes): Reaffirming a healthy mindset; setting your space; navigation strategies to that will bring your safety, security and comfort during your journey.

    Session #4 and beyond – Integration of your Journey (60 minutes): Pulling together insights, visions, or experiences of your journey. Exploring possible meanings and how this information fits or how you want it to fit into your daily life.  Explore your personal next steps and continued growth.



    The use of plant medicine and entheogens requires you to take personal responsibility for being well informed of all risks, potential side effects, and interactions. It is also important, and your responsibility know which plants/entheogens are legal and illegal in your state/country. 

    I do not encourage, provide or condone the use of any type of illegal supplements, plant medicines or plant medicine derivatives. I also do not endorse the use of any particular product or supplement brand. All information presented here relative to plant medicine is for educational and harm reduction purposes only.